Doing it right, getting it right

We’re a family run business, and for over 30 years we’ve poured our passion and commitment into helping our clients reach their target audiences through the right integrated print and mailing solutions.

We know you need a print partner you can trust, so we deliver what we say we will, when we say we will, and how we say we will. That approach, and treating our clients in a friendly and respectful way (how we’d like to be treated), has been the driving force behind us building a reputation for quality, reliability and long-term relationships.


People who care about what they do, do it well. We know the physical quality of printed materials enhances your message and influences decision making. And we love that! So we care about delivering the best possible results, taking great pride in getting something ‘just right’. Now that really fires us up!


We work hard to deliver the best possible service. Meticulous planning, exacting standards, and being prepared to go the extra mile to see a job through all add up to us delivering an experience that exceeds expectations. Getting it right matters to you and it matters just as much to us, down to the very last detail.

An ethical approach

How we behave says so much about who we are. We believe there’s a right way of doing things that governs our conduct and sets our standards. Our customers should have a positive experience every time they work with us, so we ‘invite you in’. We’re a friendly voice doing things in an honest, straightforward and transparent way to create an enjoyable relationship that delivers high quality work.

Meet Our Team

Have a read below and find out a little bit more about the people who play a part in ensuring your message is presented and told as well as it can be.

Dave Gibbons
Dave GibbonsManaging Director
I’m full of passion and drive to do everything I do as well as it can be done. And KNP has always been about striving to deliver the best experience for my customers and also my staff, every day, every minute. I still love print after all these years!
Steve Omer
Steve OmerGeneral Manager
With so much work going through litho, digital, large format, and fulfilment each and every day, we need to operate as efficiently as possible. And that’s down to me. I make sure everything runs seamlessly and that we’re always creating the right solutions for our clients.
Tony Humblestone
Tony HumblestoneDirector of Sales
I’ve been at KNP for 11 years and if you ask me I’m the one with the best role in the business – looking after our awesome customers and exceeding expectations to deliver a brilliant job. And I’m always looking for new ones too!
Charlie Gibbons
Charlie GibbonsAccount Executive
We’re a family owned business and KNP is in my blood. Since I can remember I’ve loved how we always deliver the right solution to meet our clients needs. And now I’m helping ensure we continue to offer excellence and quality well into the future.
Simon Pranklin
Simon PranklinHead of Estimating
Estimating is what kicks off a job and I’ve built up many years’ experience delivering estimates for our clients that balance quality and cost. Oh, and I’m also the team leader for maintaining our Management Information System – the heartbeat of our company.
Mandy Gibbons
Mandy GibbonsHead of Accounts
I love numbers and being organised so looking after the company finances and the day to day running of our accounts department is heaven. I’m constantly looking to minimise costs so we can deliver the quality we do at a fantastic price to our customers.
Dave Witherden
Dave WitherdenStudio Manager
I’ve been in pre-press for 48 years and I still get a ‘buzz’ from it. Always have! Using the latest technology to ensure customers files are as good as they can be before going to print, it’s a hugely important part of creating a great final product.
Adam Cutbush
Adam CutbushWarehouse Manager
Vans, planes and automobiles – that’s me! Once a job is complete that’s not the end of it. Deadlines are crucial to our customer’s plans. They still need their job delivering, and in perfect condition, so it’s important I get things delivered no matter what.
Egle Burinskaite
Egle BurinskaiteSupply Chain Manager
Give me lots of things to sort out! At KNP I’m here to make sure everything runs smoothly so our customers get the perfect job on time. I manage deliveries and supplier relationships, handle all customer calls and correspondence and attend to our visitors on-site.

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